Meeting Minutes June 18, 2013

Paul Gardner Veterans Pain Relief Foundation Meeting Minutes June 18, 2013 Held at Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic Present:  Dr. Margaret Beeson, Colleen Nichols, Casey Elder, Dr. Patricia Holl, George Blackard, and Claire Gardner by phone. Absent:  Dr. Michael Metzger Guest:  Kathy Toney, YNC Administrator Called to order:  09:00 MST George Blackard met with the new director of the VA in Montana.  It was an invite only with approximately 10 people in attendance.  They had a frank discussion about problems with the VA system.  George will follow up with a letter to the Director and talk to Representative Daines. Colleen Nichols presented the financial reports. Casey Elder asked for a pricing package for the veteran’s information for our Pain Program.  George suggested that at the next Legion Post meeting that he and Casey suggest a percentage of their fundraising should be dedicated to our foundation. Casey Elder does a fundraiser at her gym in September and wants to direct the funds for our foundation.  The event is to be held on September 13, 2013. Logo – Discussion was held on the potential new logo.  Consensus was that everyone liked the new logo. There was discussion about ideas for the brochure. Website – there was discussion regarding domain name choices.  The consensus was to go shorter with the name.  Colleen will work with Deanna to find out more information on the possibility of taking donations through the website. The board members are asked to write a bio as to why they are on the board for the website.  Deanna and Claire will work on Paul’s information for the website. Pilot Program – Dr....

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