Mission Statement

To facilitate access to non-narcotic pain treatments for veterans by providing financial resources for access to safe, effective treatments not yet approved by the VA. To provide high quality data supporting the benefits of non-narcotic treatments in pain reduction and increased function, leading to an overall enhanced quality of life and mental and emotional well-being.

Our Goal

Relieve pain through a personalized combination of natural therapies provided in a defined time period. Restore function with non-addicting, non-drug treatments that support the body innate healing ability. Reduce prescription medication and opioid dependence by providing effective alternatives and the experience of enhanced comfort and vitality with time tested modalities.


The Veterans Administration Medical Coverage covers treatments for Chiropractor care and Acupuncture. We take care of the rest.


Pain Relief Program

Facilitated by Dr Patricia Holl, DC 

A comprehensive evaluation is performed including a physical examination and review of medical records to identify an individualized 4-8 week program consisting of 1-3 different treatments a week. The impact of combining these synergistic modalities in a definitive time period, provides a powerful experience of pain relief and increased quality of life. Patients benefit from a diversity of therapies, resulting in less pain medication and the ability to envision true rehabilitation.



Chiropractic Care: Non-surgical, drug-free options for improving the health of bone, disc, nerve, muscle, and soft-tissue problems related to spinal immobility. Frequently used in combination with conventional and complementary medical disciplines such as orthopedics, neurology, physical therapy, and naturopathy.

Acupuncture: The practice of inserting needles into specific body points to improve health and well-being. The effectiveness is supported by more than two-thousand years of practice and research worldwide.

Therapeutic Massage: A treatment involving   manual pressure on muscle and connective tissue to reduce pain, enhance function, and promote relaxation and well-being.

Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT): The process of injecting regenerative fluids into tissue to restore health and function. RIT is effective for the relief of chronic musculoskeletal pain and is a great alternative to surgery, cortisone shots, and narcotic pain medicine.


Support The Paul Gardner Pain Relief Foundation

Your generous donation will help veterans have the opportunity to experience a variety of non-narcotic methods to reduce pain, reduce dependency on pain medications, and increase their quality of life. The program includes chiropractic treatments, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, regenerative injection therapy, and specific exercise instruction by a certified trainer.

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PGVPR Pilot Study

Ask about our 8-week study to evaluate the efficacy of a multi-modal treatment program. This program addresses lower back injury and is designed to reduce pain, decrease pain medication, and increase quality of life in a veteran population. This study is open to select candidates between 20-40  y/o who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns. For more information contact the study coordinator @ 406-259-5096 or info@yncnaturally.com

Paul Gardner (1974-2011)


Estimated IRAQ Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury


1 in 5 IRAQ and Afganistan Veterans return with PTSD


20% of Suicides in the US are Military Veterans


50% of Those Diagnosed with PTSD Never Seek Treatment

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